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  • Shelfmark: B.1.16
  • Manuscript Title: Berengaudus Super Apocalypsim. Haymo Super Cantica.
  • Alternative Title:   Berengaudus, Exposition super septem visiones libri Apocalypsis and Haymo of Auxerre, Commentarium in Cantica Canticorum
  • James Number: 15  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xi, xii.
  • Physical Description: 30 lines to a page. In a fine hand: Schenkl calls it a Carolingian minuscule: a beautiful book. At each end is part of a leaf of a Roman Law MS. of cent. xiii in double columns, in a small hand.
  • Provenance: It may be the 'Bernardus' super apoc. which occurs in the catalogue of Christ Church, Canberbury (Edwards, p. 132), followed by Beda super cantica and Ieronimus super Ecclesiasten. [Gneuss (2001) dates s. xi/xii; attributes Christ Church, Canterbury origin, and questions whether it has provenance there after 1100. Ker (1964) rejects Canterbury.]

    Given by Whitgift.

  • Donor: Whitgift, John (1530/31?–1604), archbishop of Canterbury, master of Trinity
  • Size (cm): 25.5 x 18
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Latin; Music
  • Century: Multiple; 11th century; 12th century
  • Folio: 180 ff.
  • Collation:  14 (wants 4) | a8-v8 w8 (+ 8*) : the rest gone.
  • Second Folio:    indigno or la bene
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  • Online Since:     31/10/2013
  • I. On the fly-leaf:
    Ultimus ego bullen (and also on f.3b: xvi).
    Postill. super apocalipsim (xv).
    Berengaudus in apoc. (xvi).
    Baringuidus super apoc. (xv).
    f.1b a) est tua uel cuius mea non sed pauperis uius. (xii).
    b) Hymn with neumes (xi, xii).
    Salue uirgo dei mater et alma uerna temperie gratior.-aue aue mundi domina. amen. Salue.
    Green capital A.
    c) Est quedam auis morans in terra aethiopum · in tantum pulcra · ut cum sol lucet et radi tan(gunt) eam omnis locus in quo stat.
    Erasure of two lines.
    d) Aue maris stella (bis, xiii).
    e) The same with letters for musical notes.
    d hi g m l kihg
    Aue maris stella etc.
    The same in another hand.
    f) Medicina probata ad ficum. Accipe atramentum et cretam pelliperatorum et contere simul in ceruisa uel uino atque bibe et sanaberis deo iuuante.
    f.2a a) Iohis̅ Vincent (xv).
    b) Hymn with letters for notes. Beginning partly erased.
    ?XIMa mia decantans dulcia. Chorus hic canticis assit in
    musicis. Christus factus hodie sponsus est ecclesie.
    --Sponsa mea ueni ueni surge ueni propera. Imber abit et recedit cedit hiemps aspera. Tibi dabo munera. Mecum scandes ethera.
    f.2b. At top BERENGAVDVS.
    Quisquis nomen auctoris scire desideras. literas expositionum in capitibus septem uisionum in primas adtende.
    Ends (unfinished)
    Quod funditus esse delendum.
    f. f.3b is blank. The Prologue is in a smaller hand than the text.
    Text. Apocalypsis IHV̅ XPI̅. (Initial coloured, red, gold on blue).
    f.4 Quam dedit illi-quecunque uidit
    Beatum Iohannem Apostolum et euangelistam.
    (P.L. xvii. 765).
    The initial A is remarkable: two light blue dragons whose necks pass through a head at the top are the chief feature. The ground is purple: red, pink, yellow and green are used.
    f.24b Visio ii green and red initial
    f.36b Visio iii outline
    f.73 Visio iv outline with interlaced work
    f.115b Visio v outline
    f.144b Visio vi red outline
    f.153b Visio vii plain green
    Ends f.172b
    ut uitae aeterne participes esse mereamur · ipso prestante qui uiuit et regnat cum deo patre in unitate spiritus sancti per inmortalia sec. sec. Amen.
    On the same page is a carol with letters for notes.
    d d d ( ) d f h
    Natus est · natus est. natus est hodie dominus qui mundi diluit facinus quem pater factor omnium in hoc misit exilium.
    The music ceases two-thirds of the way through.
    O stella maris inclita · eternum solem rogita ut adiuuet nos · ut adiuuet nos amen dex amen amen dex amen.

    II. f.173 Incipit expositio in libro canticorum
    Osculetur me osculo oris sui (red and green capitals).
    Salemon inspiratus diuino spiritu.
    The initial is fine: mainly outline. The Church in green mantle, with jewelled crown and jewelled stripe and border on garment, stands holding an open book and a long cross with banner. On L. the Synagogue with bent head leans on the staff of a banner on which she treads. In her R. hand she holds with one finger a diadem hung apparently by a string across it.
    On R. three suppliant men look towards the book held by the Church.
    Ends imperfectly f.180b
    De his montibus esaias dicit
    Erit mons domus dei comparatus in uertice montium.

    This commentary seems to be Haymo's (P. L. cxvii. 295), identical with that ascribed to Cassiodorius (lxx. 1055).


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