The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: O.1.55
  • Manuscript Title: Proverbia Salomonis Cum Commentario.
  • Alternative Title:   Catena on Proverbs and Solomon with Commentary
  • James Number: 1079  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: Cent. xi? First quire cent. xiv palimpsest of cent. ix MS.
  • Physical Description: Uniform with O.1.54, of which it formed the first part.
  • Provenance: 

    Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738. C. 81. No. 213.

  • Donor: Gale, Roger (1672-1744), antiquary
  • Size (cm): 19 x 14.5
  • Support: Vellum
  • Language: Greek
  • Century: Multiple; 11th century; 14th century; 9th century
  • Folio: 
  • Collation:  18 | 28-78 88 (wants 1, 8) 98 108.
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  • Online Since:     17/11/2014
  • The first quire is a supplement of cent. xiv and is palimpsest.
    The lower writing is a sloping uncial of cent ix in double columns, and the 8 leaves of the quire formed 4 leaves of the original MS.
    The text as far as it has been read is Chrysostom. Adv. Judaeos Hom. iv. (1. 625, ed. Montfaucon). A transcript of part of the text made by T R is in the MS.
    f.1 is free from the later writing: ff.4-8 are more or less defective.Text begins on f.2
    Παροιμίαι σολομω̑νος.
    Παροιμίαι σολομω̑νος υἱου̑ δα(υί)δ. Παροιμία ἐστὶ λόγος δι' αἰσθητω̑ν πραγμάτων σημαίνων πράγματα νοητά.
    This quire only goes as far as iii.11 μηδὲ ἐκλύου ὑπ'.
    Another quire or more is gone. Then the original hand begins δουλεία ὥσπερ ἐκείνη μεγίστη δεσποτεία φυσικὴ.
    The first verse quoted is x.5b διεσώθη ἀπὸ καύματος.
    The Comment. is complete with the exception of two leaves down to f.78 ἑλκύουσα αὐτοὺς . ἀλλ' ἡ.
    The concluding words are in O.1.54 as stated. They have been copied out on the flyleaf of this MS.


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