The James Catalogue Of Western Manuscripts


  • Shelfmark: R.4.48c
  • Manuscript Title: Newton's Notebook
  • Alternative Title:   Sir Isaac Newton, Notebook
  • James Number: n/a  View Printed Catalogue Entry
  • Date: 1659-61
  • Physical Description: Entirely in Newton's own hand.
  • Provenance: 

    Given by the Pilgrim Trust, December, 1949.

  • Donor: Pilgrim Trust
  • Size (cm): 8.5 x 7.5
  • Support: Paper
  • Language: Latin
  • Century: 17th century
  • Folio: 50 pp.
  • Collation: 
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  • Online Since:     13/10/2015, Rephotographed 26/06/2019
  • Inscription on p.1:
    Quisquis in hunc librum teneres conjecit ocellos Nomen subscriptum perlegat ipse meum Isaac Newton Martii 19, 1659.
    pp.3-38 Notes on Prosody (in Latin) headed 'Utilissimun Prosodiae Supplementum'
    Followed by 13 pp. of personal expenses (in English) headed 'Impensa propria'. Includes page of 'Otiose et frustra expensa'.
    Transcription is shelved with M.S. Detailed description by H.M. Adams has been inserted at the end of this volume.
    Newton probably started this notebook at school before using it to keep accounts at University.


Trinity College Library, Cambridge 2021