The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark R.9.12
Manuscript Title

Hermogenes of Tarsus, Rhetorial Treatise on Legal Issues

Alternative Title

Hermogenes Rhetor

James Number 816
Century 16th
Physical Description

38 lines to a page. Written in France or England: neat. The first page of text has realistic flowers painted round it.


Given by Willmer. On f.1 of text Ερμογενους τεχνης ρητορικης συνοψις. Πλυμπτον 1579.

Donor Wilmer, George (c.1583-1626), Alumnus Of Trinity (Matric 1598)
Size (cm) 26 x 11
Folio 6 + 21 + 10 ff.
Material PaperParchment
Language Greek
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Six blank leaves precede the text.
Hermogenis Rhetoricae Synopsis.
Περὶ στάσεων
περὶ στοχασμου̑ σύνοψις
Cτοχασμός ἐστι ἀδήλου πράγματος ἔλεγχος.
Ends f.13b
ὅπου ἐστὶ ἴδιος αὐτῆς τόκος.
Two blank leaves follow.
περὶ μεθόδου δεινότητος σὐνοψις.
f.16 πότε ταυτότητι ὀνομάτων χρησόμεθα, καὶ τότε ποικιλία σύνοψις
Ταυτότητι μὲν ὀνομάτων χρησόμεθα ὅταν του̑ πράγματος ἔν ὄνομα.
Ends f.21
τὸν γὰρ πάνυ ἰσχυρὸν δεῖζαι θέλει.
Τέλος του̑ περὶ μεθόδου δεινότητος.
Five blank leaves.
Then 3 leaves of paper with a list of rhetorical terms, Greek and Latin, from Hermogenes and Quintilian.

This work is copyright the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License