The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark R.5.6
Manuscript Title Anne Sadleir, Commonplace Book
Alternative Title Coke's Reflections.
James Number 700
Century 17th
Provenance Given by Mrs Sadleir ? Anne Sadleir
Donor Sadleir [née Coke], Anne (1585–1671/2), Literary Patron
Size (cm) 31 x 20
Folio 27 ff. written: about 40 blank. Well written.
Material Paper
Language English
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Online Since 20/05/2019


On the title-page:
Anno Domini 1644.
(alia manu)
This book was sent to me Iunii 3 d 1659. by yt most pious and accomplished Gentlewoman Mrs A: S: (Anne Sadleir).
A good man out of ye good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that wch is good:
Matt. 12. 35.
(alia manu)
Every scribe which is instructed vnto the kingdome of heaven is like vnto a man that is an housholder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.
Matt. 13. 52
(alia manu)
Reflections and observations of Mr Coke son to ye Ld. Coke, Brother to Sr Edward Coke and chaplain to ye Lady Capell etc.
See Walker in ye Bp of Heref.
They are transcribed by Mrs Anne Sadler, daughter to the Ld Coke. See some of letters in a Box in the other MS. Class: particularly a letter to the Mr of Trinity College dated at Standon Apr. 4 1664. She mentions a Book she formerly sent them. The letters are in the same hand with the MS.
The reflections being
Many a one loses the land of promise by lingring. if we neglect god's time it is iust in him to crose us in ours.
These miscellaneous reflections continue for about 10 leaves.
Then follow some under special headings, v. 13.
This armie by the permission of god has brought confusion to this Parliament, etc.
A treu picture of this Parliament since they drove away the best of kings: which indede has the name, but is none.
Another paragraph dated 1648. Then
Was the King murdered.
This year that arch Trayter and Tyrant Oliuer Cromwell, sum say in that great vnheard of winde, and it is worth the notinge that his funarall was of St Clements day,
on which day all the Brewers kepes holliday, you have his Epethite before.
On the ejection of the clergy.
This year died my dear Father etc.
Deaths of Lady Theophila Coke, Mr Josias Shute, Dr Westfeild, Bp of Salisbury.
Death of Dr Hall, Bp of Norwich.
Death of 'my dear Brother Sr Robert Coke.'
I am this year threscore and 8 year old, etc.
When the armie broke up the mock Parliament and set up theirs.
The life of a Christian.
A prayer for health.
A prayer for this family.
A prayer for this Church and King Charles the Second.
The life and death of the Honourable la: Capell with a Treue relation of her vertues and afflictions, who died the 26th of January 1660.
The rest of the book (more than half) is blank.
There is a brief unsigned note affixed inside front cover.


Hunt, A., 'The Books, Manuscripts and Literary Patronage of Mrs Anne Sadleir (1585-1670)' in V. E. Burke and J. Gibson (eds), Early Modern Women's Manuscript Writing: selected papers from the Trinity/Trent Colloquium (Aldershot, 2004), pp. 205-236

This work is copyright the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License