The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark R.5.5
Manuscript Title

Anne Sadleir, Collection of letters, drafts and other papers

Alternative Title

Letters to Mrs Anne Sadleir of Standon etc

James Number 699
Century 17th

Presented by Mrs Anne Sadleir in 1669.

Donor Sadleir [née Coke], Anne (1585–1671/2), Literary Patron
Size (cm) 37.5 x 23
Language English
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A page of Italian, loose in the book.
1, 2, 3. From her adopted son Walter Aston.
4. From her Nephew Herbert Aston.
5, 9. From Walter Aston, 6-8 from Herbert Aston.
10. 11.From Anne Sadleir to H. Aston.
12-21. From Eliz. Capell.
22-24.From Arthur Capell.
25-27. From George Lord Berkeley.
28, 29. From Sir Ran. Crew.
30. From Robert Coke.
31-33. From Roger Williams.
34-36. From A. S. to Roger Williams.
37. to Peter Heylyn.
38-41. From Peter Heylyn.
42. From Rich. Holdsworth.
43. From Jo. Hacket.
44. From Jo. Exon. (Gauden) 1660.
45. From Hen. Chichester (King).
46. From Jo. Worcester (Gauden).
47. From Jos. Norvic. (Hall).
48-55. From Ra. Exon. (Brownrigg).
56. From Charles I. to the Prince Regent. 1645. Cardiff. 3 July.
57. Cromwell to the Speaker regarding the title of King.
58. The Quakers' Petition to Richard Cromwell.
59. B. A (?) to the Protector.
60. Thos Hanchett to Ralph Sadleir (Attested Copy).
61. Epitaph of Robert Coke.
62. Thos Warmestry to A. Sadleir. 1650.
63. ---- (signature gone) to A. S. about Lady Eliz. Hatton.
64, 65. J. Crew to A. S. 1643.
66. H. Ferne to A. S. 1652.
67. Lionel Gatford to A. S. 1658.
68. Sir H. Wotton's Letter to the Queene of Bohemia. 1636.
69. Anne Sadleir to Dr Pearson, Master of Trinity College, presenting three letters and other papers, and a box of coins. 9 Ap. 1669.
70. Rich. Goddard, Treasurer of the Inner Temple, to A. S., thanking her for her promise of her Library to the Inner Temple.
71. Jo. Rous to A. S. 1649.
72. From the Master and Seniors of Trinity College thanking her for two MSS. (Horae and Apocalypse) and some Coins. 10 Aug. 1660. [The Horae a printed book, now C.30.9. The binding is clasped and there are three stones: one jewelled clasp gone.]
73. Heneage Finch to A. S. 1662.
74. Head of Earl Bristol's articles against the Lord Chancellor.
75. The cause of the faste intended for 1 and 2 March 1580.
76. Poem on the death of Mr Hoyle. 30 Jan. 1649 (who hung himself).
77. A Song. I went from England into Ffraunce.
78. Prologue and Epilogue to a Comedy acted before the Prince in Trin. Coll. March 1642. Spoken by the author Sr Cowley.
79. Mr Mason's verses upon Smectymnuus.
80. Verses on the memorable modell of K. Charles I. throwne from the west end of Paules... wch did light uppon its feete etc.
81. Verses. I would if I could willingly obtaine.
82. Alderman Wiseacre's speech upon ye discreete Peticion agst Bpps etc. In Verse.
83. Verses upon the putting down of the Book of Common Prayer. Since it hath pleas'd our wise and newborne state.
84. A dialogue betweene two zelots concerninge ETC. in the new oath of Canons. 1640.
85. Vpon the pullinge downe of Charinge Crosse.
Vndone vndone the Lawyers cry, etc.
86. The Lady Vane the Younger.
(Subjects of thankfulness to God.)


Hunt, A., 'The Books, Manuscripts and Literary Patronage of Mrs Anne Sadleir (1585-1670)' in V. E. Burke and J. Gibson (eds), Early Modern Women's Manuscript Writing: selected papers from the Trinity/Trent Colloquium (Aldershot, 2004), pp. 205-236

This work is copyright the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License