The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark R.3.60
Manuscript Title

Miscellaneous Texts

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James Number 632
Century 16th
Physical Description

20 lines to a page.

Size (cm) 18.5 x 14.5
Folio 23 ff.
Material Paper
Language Latin
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1. Viro ornatissimo... doctori Abbot S. T. Professori regio et Collegii de Baliolo magistro dignissimo.
It is a prose dedication signed
Gulielmus Armston.
2. Abbas. Pontifex.
Seu Panegyrica ad vir. Colendiss. dom. doct. Abbot. etc., de palma reportita a dom. doct. Bisshop aliisque nonnullis in militia Christi.
O dulce redolens thus insuperabile robur
ingenii et dextrae, die Roberte, tuae.
One leaf.
3. Thaletis felix siue Faelicitatis Tripus.
In prose. On f.16 is an Arbor Boni, full page.
4. f.19 Solonis foelix siue solon peregrinans
Ends f.23. In prose.
Robert Abbot was Master of Balliol 1609-1615: he was elder brother of George Abbot, Abp of Canterbury, and became Bishop of Salisbury in 1615.

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