The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark R.17.23
Manuscript Title Augustine, De Civitate Dei , Bks. 11-22
Alternative Title Augustine, De Civitate Dei, Bks. 11-22 (in French)
James Number n/a
Date 15th cent (2nd half)
Century 15th
Physical Description

Printed in 1486 (GKW 2891). A Table of 'Rubriches' precedes each book. Bks. 16, 17 are imperfect at the end and bks 17, 18 at the beginning, as a result of the loss of four leaves. ff. 425-428v blank. The binder misplaces the papers leaves of quire 8 in quire 11 and vice versa. Signes de renvoi on ff.97v, 102, 122, 125v and notices on f.97v 'faulte de relier queres oulc' 'xxiiii feulles a cel signe' and on f. 125v 'retournes xxiiii arriere a tel figur', draw attention to this mistake.

Written space c. 195 x 290 mm. 2 cols, c. 46 lines. Frame ruling.

Paper, except the outermost and central bifolia in quires 2-36 and the two outermost bifolia and the central bifolium in quire 1

Written in a current hybrida.

Provenance Reverend Edmund Dickie Kershaw, M.A., Trinity College

Written in France. 'Pour nostre dame' in gold at the foot of f.1, 15th cent(?). The relevant cutting from a French sale catalogue, 18th cent, is pasted to a piece of writing paper laid down on f. iv, on which E. D. Kershaw wrote a note dated 30 June 1865: ' … In 1793 it was bought at Lord Hardwick’s sale and has recently come into my possession…'

Second Folio felicite
Donor Kershaw, Edmund Dickie (c1829-1902), Alumnus Of Trinity (Matric 1847)
Size (cm) 49.5 x 28.5
Folio ff. i + 426 + i
Binding Binding uniform with R.17.22 [18th century, pale-green leather with gilt fillets and cornerpieces]
Material PaperParchment
Language Middle French
Collation 1-1112 1214 1310 14-1512 1612 wants 6, 7 after f.185 17-1812 1912 wants 6, 7 after f.219 20-2312 241025-2912 3014 31-3512 2612 wants 7, 12, blanks

No ff.283-284.

Kershaw died in 1902. This volume, together with R.17.22. came to the Library following Mrs Kershaw's death in 1909

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[All detail taken from Ker, N. R., Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, 4 vols. (Oxford, 1969-92), II. p. 264]

Cy commence la seconde (cancelled) partie de la translacion et exposicion du liure de monseigneur saint Augustin de la cite de dieu translate et expose par maistre Raoul de praelles scelon et par la maniere que contenu est en son prologue sur la premiere partie. Combien que au commencement … (f.424v) et que nostre mere sainte eglise entient. Ceste Translacion et exposicion fu commence par maistre Raoul de praelles a la tous sains lan de grace mil ccc lxxi. Et fu acheuee le premier Iour de septembre lan de grace mil lxxv. deo gracias.

A picture before each book and before the prologue in front of part 2 (f.1); the size is c. 195 x 200 mm on f. 2v (bk 11) and elsewhere c. 90 x 120 mm (column width). On ff. 1, 2v St Augustine is at work. The scribe managed so that all the pictures came on parchment leaves and most of them at the head of a column, where they could be given a rounded top. Initials: (i) 6-line, blue patterned in white decorated on gold grounds (ii) 2-line, blue with red ornament or gold with violet ornament. Capital letter in the ink of the text fillwed with yellow. A continuous framed floral border in gold and colours on pictures pages.


Ker, N. R., Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, 4 vols. (Oxford, 1969-92), II. 264

This work is copyright the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License