The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark R.16.35
Manuscript Title

Homer, Iliad

Alternative Title

Homeri Ilias

James Number 983
Century 15th16th
Physical Description

12 lines to a page. Well written. The edges of the leaves have circles painted on them in red, in one of which is the word ΟΜΗΡΟΣ.


Given by Dr Richard Bentley, in 1757. Richard Bentley, rector of Nailstone from 1745 to 1786 was literary executor for his uncle Richard Bentley (1662-1742), Master of Trinity.

In the volume is a note by Walter Leaf, M.A. (formerly Fellow), dated 25 May 1884, to the effect that the MS. is known as the Codex Mori having belonged to John More [Moore], Bishop of Ely.

Donor Bentley, Richard (c1704-1786), Rector of Nailstone, Fellow Of Trinity (1728)
Size (cm) 33 x 21
Folio 4 + 669 ff.
Material Paper
Language Greek

a4 | α8-ιζ8 ιη6 ιθ8-πδ8 (wants 8).

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*½μηρος *½µ ποιητ*¾ ς πατρ*½¥ς μ*¼±ν *¾̑ν.
f.ib *½™π*½ ̑θεσις
*¼(c) ἑκάβη ἐγκυμονου̑σα τὥν ὁλέξαδρον
--εἰς ὕπνον τρέπονται.
f.iii Διαὀρεσις ποιητω̑ν
Τω̑ν ποιητω̑ν οϊ μἱν εἰσὀ λυρικοὀ
--καί περί μἱν διαιρέσεως ποιητω̑ν ἄλις ταυ̑τα.
f.iiib is blank.
f.1 Text headed in red
*¼Œλφα λυτ*½°ς χρ′σου, λοιμ*½¥ν στρατου̑, 'χθος *½ν*½±κτων.
The text of Îc) ends on f.668b
τέλος τθ̑ς ῃ̑λης ἰλιάδος ήμᾠρου.
On f.669a
(Ε)κτωρ ὁρᾠυ̑ον αἱ̑μα κατὰ χθονὥς εὺποι ὁκο′εις
στθ̑θι καί ἄμπνευσον βαιὥν ὤπἱρ πατρὀδος
Ἴλιον οἰκεὶται κλεινὴ πὠ̑λις ἄνδρας 'χουσα
σου̑ μἱν ὁφαυροτέρους ὁλλ| 'τ| ὁρηυ̑φὀλους
μυρμιδὠ̑νες δ| ὁπὠ̑λοντο, παρὀστασο καί λέγ| ὁχιλεὶ
Θεσσαλὀην κεὶσθαι πἱ̑σαν ὤπ| ὁνεάδα.
(Β)άλλετε νυ̑ν μετὰ πὠ̑έον ἐμὥν δέμας . ῃ̑ττι καί αὑ̑τοί
νεκρου̑ σω̑μα λέοντος ἐφυβρὀζουσι λαγωοί.
f.669b is blank.

"It was collated (very carelessly) by Barnes, whose readings have been followed by Heyne and La Roche. It is one of the best of the second class of MSS. of the Iliad, but appears to be more carelessly written in the later books. See La Roche, Homerisch Textkritik, Leipzig 1866, p.466, no.62."

This work is copyright the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License