The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark R.16.3
Manuscript Title

Alexander de Albano, De natura rerum

Alternative Title

Alexander Neckam De Naturis Rerum

James Number 951
Century 13th
Physical Description

Double columns of 39 lines. In three good hands, very different.


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Second Folio legitur in psalmo
Size (cm) 37.5 x 27
Folio 154 ff.
Material Parchment
Language Latin

1 fly-leaf | 110-1510 164 (4 canc.). Quire 9 has a leaf of another copy sewed on to the recto of its 8th leaf.

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(Lettered "St Albani Historia Naturalis").
On the fly-leaf is a table of Capitula, ending
f.1 Expl. capitula quinti libri scripta et laborata per manum ffratris Johannis Tempill. A.D. mo. cccco. xxxo. ixo
Alexander Nequam de Naturis Rerum.
See the Rolls Series edition by Wright.
Forma decens dignis nature munifice dotata deliciis.
Liber II. ends f.70b
ut uariatis calicibus uarientur et uina.
This is all that Wright has printed. What follows is an Exposition of Ecclesiastes.
f.71 Lib. III.
Superfluo detinerer labore.
The extra leaf added is from a MS. of not very different date. It contains Cap. x de preuaricatione salomonis et eius penitentia.
Lib. v. ends f.153a
Et ecce iam nutu diuino nobile opus ecclesiastes exposuimus · gratiarum acciones uberrimas persoluentes deo omnium bonorum largitori · cui honor et gloria per infinita sec. sec. Amen.

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