The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark R.15.18
Manuscript Title

Geoffrey Chaucer, Treatise on the Astrolabe; John of Mounte Riol, Ephemerides etc

Alternative Title

Varia Including I. Chaucer On The Astrolabe

James Number 941
Century 14th15th16th
Physical Description

Several volumes. I. 23 lines to a page. III. 25 lines to a page. VI. 34 lines to a page: an ugly hand.

Size (cm) 22 x 16.5
Folio I: 80 pp. numbered. II: 4 ff. III: 16 ff. IV: 18 ff. V: 12 ff. VI: 13 ff.
Material Parchment
Language Middle English

I. 18-48 54 (4 canc.) 6 one left. II. One quire of six (4 and 5 canc.) III. Two quires of 8. IV. a6 b8 c6 (1, 2 canc.) V. One quire of 12 leaves. VI. A quire of 12 leaves plus one.

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I. Cent. xv.
Chaucer on the Astrolabe.
(L)yte lowys my sone I haue perceyue well.
The diagrams are neatly drawn. The later leaves have suffered at the top, but have been mended and the text supplied.
Ends p.80b
as well as by the fyxe sterie
(c. 39: in Skeat's edition, c. 34, p.412 in the Student's Chaucer.)

II. Cent. xv.
f.1 blank
Tabula stellarum fixarum,
followed by astronomical tables relating to the signs of the Zodiac for the whole year.

III. Cent. xv.
Initials at the top carried into the upper margin. i. 1. The effemeridis of John of Mounte Riol the seuerayn bewte of germyns prince of astronomyers takith fortunally his principill and begynnyng
We shal shortly manyfest and shew the vse of every effymerd ffirst ther is an nowmber of t yere.
Ends p.6: and to other ciuyle and necessary vsis innumerabill.
2. p.6 To the ryght hygh and curtesse estate my lord ladyslawe and zschimahy of boscontz de Bartilmew marienswesz flesita of pascua master of arte and doctor of physyk gretyng
(On Ephemerides.)
Ends imperfectly on p.32.

IV. Cent. xvi early.
A Kalendar on six leaves in red and black: in which there is nothing to note save that S. Wenefred is original. Followed by:
Exposition of the Kalendar.
Hoc prius kalenda cum tabulis sequentibus ad simplicum sacerdotum clericonimque instruccionem.
With tables to find Easter etc. One of the tables runs from 1502-1554.

V. Cent. xiv, xv early.
f.1 Ad notitiam tabularum et kalendarii sequentium primo ponitur tabula docens legere algorismum
f.3 Tables
f.4 Kalendar
f.16 Tables of planets and of the moon
f.18 Table to shew the times for bleeding
With the usual picture (English) showing a man covered all over with the signs of the Zodiac which are creeping about different parts of his person. Aries sitting on his head, Gemini on his arms etc.
f.19 Tables of eclipses of Sun and Moon
The solar cycle 1406-1462.
The lunar cycle 1399-1462.
With diagrams, red and gold for the sun, blue and gold for the moon.

VI. Cent. xv.
Johannes de Sacro Bosco de Sphaera.
Tractatum de spera in quatuor capitulis distinguimus etc.
Spera igitur ab euclide sic describitur.
With diagrams.
Ends p.25: aut mundi machina dissoluetur.
On the verso in a later scrawly hand
De ortu et occasu signorum secundum poetas.
This tract was taken out of R.11.16, now B.1.37.


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