The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

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James Number 459
Century 15th
Physical Description

11 lines of text to a page. Well written, with ornaments in red (brown) ink. The quires have been numbered on the upper R. corner their first leaves.


Given by H. Montagu Butler, in 1876.

On f.1 is Sum Beati Rhenani.Selati Tribonorum (i.e. Schlettstadt), and a late number 447.And on f.3:Sum Beati Rhenani. Nec muto dominum.Basileae AN.M.D.XIII.

Notes are inserted:

1. A Latin statement by George Butler, 4 March, 1878, showing that the book belonged to Brunck, was bought at Rotterdam by George Butler, then Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, afterwards Head Master of Harrow and Dean of Peterborough: how it was given by him to Porson and returned after Porson's death by his executors. It then descended to Dean Butler's sons.

2. A note on Beatus Rhenanus (d. 1547).

3. An extract from Brunck's Aristophanes I. 147, descriptive of this MS., which he denominates D. It was one of four MSS. which he collated for the text of the Frogs.

4. A note on Michael Apostolius, son of Lyngas, the scribe of this manuscript. [In the Wren annotated copy of James 'the scribe of this manuscript' has been emphatically crossed out by a hand signed 'J.S.P'.

Donor Butler, Henry Montagu (1833–1918), Master Of Trinity
Size (cm) 21.5 x 15.5
Folio 194 ff.
Material Paper
Language Greek

18-178 1810 198-248.

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f.1 Βίος 'Αριστοφάνους
'Αριστοφάνης ὁ κωμωδοποιὸς γένος μὲν ἦν ἀθηναD6ος
--ψυχὴν εὗρον ἀριστοάνους.
1. f.1b ὑπόθεσις του̑ πρώτου δράματος
Βουλόμενος ἀριστοφάνης σκω̑ψαι τοὺς ἀθηναίους
Ends (after the dramatis personae):
δυσφορω̑ν λέγει του̑το.
f.3 Plutus
προλογίζει ὁ καρίων.
With interlinear glosses in red and scholia, not copious.
The first is on f.3b.
Οὕτω φασὶν ἐσχηκέναι τὸν ἀπόλλω τὸν τρίποδα.
Ends f.60a:
δεῖ γὰρ κατόπιν τούτων ἄδοντ. ἕπεσθαι.
τέλος του̑ πρώτου δράματος [σελ. ν΄].
2. 60b προθεωρία του̑ δευτέρου δράματος
=Ανυτος καὶ μέλιτος
-νεφέλας καὶ τὰ τοιαυ̑τα.
f.61 τὰ του̑ δράματος πρόσωπα
f.62 Nubes
Ends f.127b.
σελίδες ρκζ [James has bar above previous three Greek letters].
f.128 blank, marked οὐ κρίνεται
f.129 Ranae
Without hypothesis, begins with
τὰ του̑ δράματος πρόσωπα
Ends f.192b.
πατρίοις ἐν ἀρούραις
On this page is a note xv, xvi.
desunt tria [?] magna folia usque in finem
que scriptor omisit gracia solacij m.
Colophon: μιχαὴλ ὁ του̑ λυγγευ̑ς [?] πενία συζω̑ν
ἐξέγραψεν ἐν ῥυθύμνη κρήτης
(αὕτη σελ. νδ.) [James has bar above previous two Greek letters]
Liber iste pertinet f. Jo. Cunani ord. predicatorum.
On f.193b a note xv, xvi.
ὡς χαλεπὸν εὖ ζῆν ἐν πονηροῖς ἤθεσιν
And on f.194b in Beatus Rhenanus' hand?
Quadripartitum. Centiloquium. Cosmographia.


Gelzer, T., 'Eine Aristophaneshandschrift und ihre Besitzer', Komodotragmata [transliteration from Greek] (1967), 29-46

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