The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

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Manuscript Title

Medical Miscellany (A: manuscript; B: printed)

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James Number 1443
Date Cent. xvi (1505-7).
Century 16th
Physical Description

Double columns of 59 and more lines. In an ugly hand. Paper and 2 leaves of vellum.


Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738. Marked I. 15. No. 358.

Donor Gale, Roger (1672-1744), Antiquary
Size (cm) 28 x 20
Folio 54 + 11 ff.
Material PaperParchment
Language LatinMiddle Dutch
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1. Fasciculus Medicine rerum naturalium collectus Anno 1507. Miscellaneous notes and verses on f.1a.
f.1b Quoniam secundum Isidorum libro 4to ethimologiarum a quibusdam queritur.
c. 2. De institucione medici.
Ends f.14b. Finis fasciculi rerum naturalium anno 1507. Pridie kal. Junii.
f.15 blank.

2. f.16 Inc. tract. de urinis liber primus.
Quoniam medicus est artifex sensitiuus.
Ends f.24b: anno 1507 xi kal. Febr.

3. f.24b Inc. alius tract. de urinis collectus ex quarto decimo libro libri speculi doctrinalis Vincencii
f.25 Text. Urina est colamentum sanguinis
Ends f.27
Finit a.d. 1507, 15 kal. May.
f.27 Expositiones et declaraciones metrice de coloribus in substancia urinarum
Qui cupit urinas mea per compendia scire.

4. f.27b Inc. tractatulus mgri Johannis Ketham arcium et medicine doctoris de urinis
f.28 De coloribus urine
Albus color urine ut aqua fontis purissima.
Finit a. d. 1505, prid. kal. Febr.
Works by John de Ketham were printed at Venice in 1493.

5. f.29 Sequitur tract. Mag. Jo. Ketham Alemani de fleubothomia
Full-page drawing on f.29b of a man, showing veins and influence of signs.

6. f.30b Sequens tabula tractat de iudiciis uenarum etc.

7. f.32 On the xii signs
Dated 1507, 16 Kal. Mai. and Non. Mai.
f 33b blank.

8. f.34 Inc. quodlibetum recitatum Colonie per mag. Florentium Haest de Delft medicine doctorem ac rectorem alme uniuersitatis in disputacione quodlibetaria a.d. m. cccc. xliii post festum lucie
Questio. Utrum multiformi desposicioni mirabilis capitis humani subdatur racionabilium virium salus et languores uarii.
Ends unfinished f.35b.

9. f.36 Inc. liber utilissimus sinonimorum eorum scilicet que sciencie maxime medicine congruunt scripta secundum ordinem alphabeti. Et primum de litera A
A. de mineris.
Algiofera etc.
With a Flemish equivalent to each group.
Fyn parlen.
Geslagen golt.
Geslagen Siluer.
Tyn etc.
Names of herbs follow.
On f.53. Inc. Vulgare synonimorum prescriptorum sec. ord. alphab.
An Index of the vernacular words.
Dated at end (f.54b): A. 1506, ipso die Lucie virginis.


[Guilelmus de Saliceto, De salute corporis, and Johannes de Turrecremata, De salute animae, printed in the Netherlands, not later than 1472.]

A printed tract of 11 leaves (the blank first leaf lost), 36 lines to a page.

In presenti codice continentur duo singulares et perutiles tractatus quorum primus est de salute corporis etc. by Will. de Saliceto. The second is de salute anime by Card. de Turre Cremata.

No date or place. Mr F. Jenkinson, University Librarian, tells me that it is by the Printer of the Speculum Humanae Saluationis, perhaps at Utrecht, not later than 1472.

Not in Hain: see Campbell, Annales de la Typographic Néerlandaise, no. *1493: Proctor's Index, no.8830. [ISTC is00029500. GW M39452. The remaining portions of this edition, comprising Pius II, De remedio amoris and Latin epitomes of Homer, are lacking]

On the last page are scribbles in Flemish, and a form of bond (without names) dated 10 March, 17 Hen. 8.

See also the record in the Catalogue of Printed Books.



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This work is copyright the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License