The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark O.9.1
Manuscript Title Brut Chronicle; London Chronicle etc
Alternative Title Brute Chronicle etc
James Number 1413
Century 15th
Physical Description 36 lines to a page. Clearly written in several hands. Borders of good English ornament and painting. The catchwords of the quires have grotesque and other ornaments: a crowned heart is not uncommon. There are handsome borders and initials to the divisions and at f.102 is a page of paintings illustrating the Life of Edward the Confessor in six narrow and tall compartments. The style is excellent, but the paintings have been a good deal rubbed.
Provenance Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738.Marked I. 10. No. 354. Lastly, occupying 2.5 pages, well written, an Indenture in English between "Walter Lokington and John Cokerych Wardenis of the fraternite or gelde of the Assumpcion of oure ladye Seint Marie in the Churche of Seint Margarete within the close of Seint Peter of Westminster and the Brederne and Sustern of the same ffraternite or gilde on the oon partie and James Fytt Citezin and Taylour of London on the other partie" leasing to him certain lands in the parish of St Mary Aldermary.Dated 26 Dec. 17 Edward IV.The beginning of a late deed of Will. Barret of Sholton in Staffordshire on the verso.The book evidently belonged to some person connected with the Guild of the Assumption in St Margaret's Westminster.
Donor Gale, Roger (1672-1744), Antiquary
Size (cm) 31.5 x 22.5
Folio 225 + 6 ff.
Material Parchment
Language Middle English
Collation 18-138 (+ 1) 148-288 six flyleaves.
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I. f.1 1. Notes on the seasons, Advent, Easter etc.
Heruest hath III moneths.
Aue uerum corpus.
f.1b 2. End of the Life of the Virgin (see post)
3. Full border to page.
f.9 Here begynneth the blessed life of seint Kateryne the holy virgyne. Capitulo lxiiijto
It does not agree with the Latin text of the Legenda Aurea ed. Graesse c. 172.
Ends: And it is conteigned in the Inuencion of the Crosse how maxcence was punysshed for this foly and for other.
4. In another hand, not so good.
f.24b Here begynneth þe lyfe of Seint James, the Apostell
James the apostell James þe Soun of Sabade
-and this pore man was delyuered. here endeth the life of Seint Jame.
From the Legenda Aurea.
5. Life of the Virgin from the Legenda Aurea.
f.30 The Purificacioun of our lady
f.35 The Annunciacioun of our lord
f.39b The Assumpcioun of our lady
This is continued (from f.48b) on ff.1b-8b where it ends.

II. f.49 The Brute Chronicle of England commonly called Caxton's Chronicle
A good border to f.49.
Here begynneth a booke in englissh tonge called Brute etc.
Here begynneth the ffirst Chapiter.
Somtyme in the noble land of Surre.
Illustrations (f.102v):
1. King Edward crowned: his arms on the canopy behind him: on either side three Bishops.
2. He gives the ring to the beggar (St John). Pink ground with gold pattern.
3.a. He kneels bareheaded under a canopy with his arms: a scroll before him on a desk: he smiles and looks surprised. On R. a Priest at altar elevates the Host.
b. Three ships full of warriors in plate armour: the King of Denmark falls into the sea out of a boat.
4. Edward and another kneel. A Priest on R. elevating the Host, in which is the figure of Christ nude blessing.
5. Green ground with gold ornament.
St John bearded gives the ring to two kneeling pilgrims.
6. The King at table between two Bishops. The two pilgrims kneel on the near side of the table, and one gives Edward the ring.
At f.201 (A.D. 1422):
Nomina maiorum et Vicecomitum London, temp. Regis Henrici Sexti etc.
The original hand ends with the events of the 23rd of Henr. VI.
-for a fynall pees (f.225b).
It then adds the Mayors and Sheriff for 24 Hen. VI. (1445).
The remainder of ff.225b and 226a; blank.
On f.226b a later hand adds the record of 1446.
On the flyleaves at end are 3 pages of very badly written notes containing sayings of various Saints on the Sacrament of the Altar in English. At the end is the date 1551, but this seems later than the writing.
Then follows a note on the Pardon of Corpus Christi.


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