The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark O.7.41
Manuscript Title

Marianus Scotus, Chronicon (Robert Losinga of Hereford's edition), etc

Alternative Title

Marianus Scotus.

James Number 1369
Century 11th12th
Physical Description

Mostly 34 lines to a page. In two hands, one very fine and small, the other blunt and rough.


Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738.Marked D. 9. No. 227. On f.1 in a xvith cent. hand is Compotus mariani et concord. Evang. From Colchester Abbey: see contents. [Ker (1964) assigns Snape and then rejects in Ker (1987) in favour of Colchester.]

Second Folio Ast febr
Religious House Colchester, Essex, Benedictine Abbey
Donor Gale, Roger (1672-1744), Antiquary
Size (cm) 17.5 x 10
Folio 75 ff.
Material Parchment
Language HebrewLatin

18 214 (+ a folding sheet) 38-68 74 | 88 94 108 (5-8 canc.)

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f.1 1. Sphera Pythagorae.
Racio spere pytagorice quam apuleius descripsit.
Diagram below: and a note of cent. xiii on the days of the week.
f.1b 2. Kalendar
The usual verses
Iani prima dies et septima fine timetur
are given, also that on the signs.
Principium Iani sancit tropicus capricornus.
The Dies egyptiaci are also marked.
Jan. 3 Non. Genouefe V.
Feb. Kal. Brigide V.
Mar. 16 Kal. Ap. In hibernia S. patricii Ep. Gertrudis V.
12 Kal. Ap. Benedicti Abb.
Ap. 5 Id. Transitus S. Marie egyptiace.
May. 2 Non. S. Iohannis ap. quando illesus exiuit ex oleo.
5 Id. Mamerti Ep. et Maioli abb.
13 Kal. Jun. Austregisili Ep.
9 - Domitiani et Rogatiani.
5 - Germani Ep.
June. 6 Id. SS. Epp. Medardi et Gildardi.
6 Kal. Jul. Maxentii Abb.
2 - Marcialis Ep.
July. 5 Id. Transl. S. Benedict! abb.
2 Kal. Aug. Germani Ep.
Aug. Id. Radegundis V.
14 Kal. Sept. Magni M.
13 - Maximi et Filberti C.
8 - Filiberti C.
Sept. 7 Id. Emertii.
M. Mansilii Ep.
15 Kal. Oct. Lamberti Ep. M.
14 - Ferreoli M.
2 - Conceptio Iohannis bapt. secundum euangelium.
Oct. Kal. Germani Vedasti Remigii.
6 Non. Leodogarii M.
5 - ii Ewaldorum presb.
2 - Pardulfi c. et abb.
6 Id. Colonie Victoris et Gereonis c. soc.
3 - Giraldi C.
12 Kal. Nov. In colonie SS. X̅I̅ uirginum.
11 - Seuerini Ep.
10 - Benedicti Ep.
8 - Crispini et Crispiniani et Frontonis.
Nov. 8 Id. Willebrordi Ep.
2 - Cuniberti Ep.
9 Kal. Dec. Columbani.
Dec. 2 Non. Benedicti Abb.
Id. Reuersio S. Martini Ep.
This is the Kalendar of Marianus, with a strong flavour of Cologne.
f.7b Table of the Nones. Regulares, Concurrentes etc
f.8b With additions of cent. xiii.
Table of the signs.
f.8b De aduentu Domini argumentum. (3.5 lines.)
f.9 The great Paschal Cycle of 532 years, in a series of 28 tables of 19 years each
There are chronicle notes, original and later, in the margin. The original hand gives Popes, Emperors, and some Biblical events. The later (xiii) gives notes on English affairs which fix the source of the MS. These notes are as follows:
f.9 (an. ii). Rex edvvardus ob. Non. Jan. Normanni debellant anglos. II. Id. Oct.
(an. xix.) Inceptum est opus ad S. Edmundum.
96 (an. vi). Rex angl. Will. ob. succ. Will. Ann. xiii.
an. xiii. Concil. ad cl. mont.
an. xiv. Ceptum opus Colec(estrie). (This was at Easter 1097.)
an. xvii. Capta est Ierusalem.
an. xviii. Ob. Will. iure sue. fr. eius henr.
100 (an. xiv). Dedicacio.
an. xviii. Gelasius papa.
an. xix. Ob. Eudo. (This is Eudo Dapifer: d. 28 Feb. 1120.)
f.10b an. i. Ob. Roahis.
xi. Angli credunt Christo.
xii. Ecclesia nostra incensa.
xiii. Pallium datur Augustine. Eclipsis iv. Non. Aug. lxxvi.
xvi. Rex. Angl. henr. ob. et succ. fil. sororis St(ephanus).
f.11a notes on Eclipses.
xvi. Eccl. de Snapis funda(tur). Snape was a cell to Colchester. See R.
iib Consecration and death of St Thomas and xix. Dedicatio ecc. S. Botulfi (of Colchester).
There are no other important notes added. Those given shew clearly that the book belonged to Colchester Abbey.
The tables end on f.11b.
f.23 is a folding sheet giving Tables of movable feasts. This compilation is dated to 1086 by the paragraph on f.23a
quot uero anni usque in presentem annum millesimum
uidelicet lxxxvi incarn. iuxta dionisium etc.
[NB But is this copied from an exemplar? See Robinson, Dated and Datable.]
On f.24 the text of the Computus continues
Menses dicuntur a mensura.
Ending f.37 with the Greek numerals.
On compound division
f.37 In composita diuisione post denominationem per priorem caracterem
Simplex est diuisor quando denominationem sumit ab articulo, compositus quando a digito.
f.37b Capitula to the tract De Concordia Euangelistarum
i. de uariis relationibus resurrectionis domini.
xxiv. qua racione inueniri possint anni ab origine mundi.
f.38 Pro annis domini Inven. Capitula
Ad ueritatem dominicorum annorum pertingere uolenti.
-nisi a quo minus amatur.
Cap. 1. Resurrectionis itaque christi tres opiniones. (Cf. P.L. CXLVll. 514.)
C. xxiv ends f.56b: etiam atque etiam anni I̅I̅I̅I̅ clxxxii.
f.54b De lunationibus
Qui facultatem computandi eligit
-debent subtrahi ut demonstratum est.
f.58b The Orders of the Church (added rather later)
Primus gradus hostiarius.
f.58b Octo sunt principalia uicia
f.59 The Hebrew alphabet with numerical values
The Signs and planets with the Hebrew names
(A)ries ( ) ale.
(T)aurus ( ) or.
(G)emini ( ) umim.
(S)aturnus ( ) ubtal.
(L)una ( ) ibanae.
All this page is of cent. xii.
f.60 begins in the same hand apparently as the early part of the book. By f.63 it has been exchanged for a blunt thick hand which continues to the end of the book.
A tract on Arithmetic.
Hoc est sciendum quod quotiens articulus diuidit articulum uel digitus digitum composita est diuisio.
On f.66b is a title in capitals Y(S)AGOGE IN MINUCIAS.
Ends f.75a qui numerus habet III diuisiones.


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