The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark O.5.27
Alternative Title

Porphyrius In Ptolemaeum

James Number 1308
Century 17th
Physical Description

Clearly written.


Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738. Marked A. 23.

Donor Gale, Roger (1672-1744), Antiquary
Size (cm) 36.5 x 24
Folio cir. 100 ff.
Material Paper
Language Greek
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Πορφυρίου εἰς τὰ ἁρμονικὰ Πτολεμαὀου ὤπὠ̑μνημα.
Πολλων ἁρετων οὑ̑σω̑ν ἐν μουσικῃ.
Ends: ἑτερὠ̑τητα του ἤθους ποιεὶν.
Πορφυρίου εἰς τὰ ἁρμονικὰ Πτολεμαίου του ὤπομνᾠματος τέλος.
An index of authors quoted on the last page. A few marginal notes seem to be in Young's hand.


Gullick, M., 'The Origin and Importance of Cambridge, Trinity College, R.5.27', Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society 11 (1996-9, 239-62)

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