The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark O.4.7
Manuscript Title

Jerome, Quaestiones hebraicae in Genesim etc

Alternative Title

S. Hieronymi Quaedam.

James Number 1238
Century 12th
Physical Description

Double columns of 32 lines. In a hand much resembling that of Christ Church, Canterbury. Fine outline initials.


Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738. F. 3. No. 263.

At top of f.1 is the number No. 625 in a xvith cent. hand. From Rochester. At the bottom of f.1 is (xiii)liber de claustro Roffensi per G. Camerarium. The contents are identical with those of B.2.34, a ChristChurch book; and the initials are of the same type. I have little doubt that the book was written at Canterbury and bought for Rochester. It occurs in both the Rochester Catalogues printed in Archaeol. Cantiana iii. p.58 and vi. p.122: in the first it is no. 52, in the second (and older) no. 46.On the flyleaf is a table of contents by the original scribe, headed In hoc uolumine continentur hi libri.

Second Folio uolentibus
Religious House Rochester, Kent, Cathedral Priory
Donor Gale, Roger (1672-1744), Antiquary
Size (cm) 34 x 24
Folio 170 + 2 ff.
Material Parchment
Language Latin

2 flyleaves. | A8-X8 Y4 (wants 3, 4 blank).

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1. f.1 Inc. prologus b. Ieronimi presb. in librum de hebraicis questionibus in genesi
Qui in principiis.
Initial: Man on horse with sword repelling a bear who attacks him from behind.
Text f.2 has a large outline initial with panels containing dragons, and man carrying a fish.
Ends f.31b uiuant de altari. Expl. lib. b. ieron. presb. de hebr. quest. in gen.

2. f.31b Inc. prol. eiusdem in librum de mansionibus filiorum Israhel
In septuagesimo septimo psalmo.
Initial in green and red.
Text f.32b: outline initial.
Ends f.45: corruent in illis.
Expl. lib. b. ier. presb. de mans. fil. israhel.

3. f.45 Inc. prol. eiusdem in librum de distantiis locorum
Eusebius qui a beato pamphilo.
Initial in purple and green.
Text f.45b. Large outline initial with man and dragon.
Ends f.74: iuxta fontem roget.

4. f.74 Inc. prol. in librum interpretationum hebraicorum nominum editum a beato Ieronimo presbitero
Philo vir disertissimus.
Outline initial, with man.
Text f.75 has outline initial, man climbing, attacked by Dragon: below, man with mace holding rope attached to muzzle of dancing bear who holds a staff. The man is saying ABC: the bear replies A.
Ends f.108b: sathan aduersarius uel preuaricator.

5. f.108b Hebrew alphabet
Aleph mille.
Greek alphabet and numerals.

6. f.109b Note diuine legi necessarie
PP. Hoc in idiomatibus.
-astronomii diligenter exponunt (f.110).
f.111 is blank except for title on verso.

7. f.112 Inc. liber b. Ieronimi presb. de questionibus in librum Regum
Fuit vir unus.
Outline initial, with David (?) on lion-headed chair playing fiddle.
Ends f.132: sescentis aureis emisse.
Expl. lib. b. ier. presb. de quest. in lib. reg.

8. f.132 Inc. liber beati ieronimi presb. de questionibus in paralippomenon
In diebus eius diuisa est terra.
Outline initial: two dragons, head to head.
Ends f.150b: ut ruinas templi restauraret,
Expl. lib. b. Ier. presb. de quest. in paral.

9. f.150b Inc. de decem temptationibus
Hec sunt uerba que locutus
-ad terram considerandam.
Expl. de dec. tempt.

10. f.152 Inc. canticum debborae
Cecineruntque debbora et barach.
Initial in purple, with delicate green and brown ornament.
-sicut habes in ieremia propheta.
Finit cant. debbore.

11. f.155b Inc. lamentationes Ieremie prophete
Et factum est postquam.
-et sequendo uoluptatem carnis.
Expl. expositio super alfabeto hebreo.

12. f.160 Ieronimus ad Dardanum de musicis instrumentis
Cogar a te
-legis ueteris in manu iudeorum.

13. f.161 De partibus minus notis ueteris testamenti
In genesi
Sintagma doctrina
De Ep. Ioh. tercia.
Diotropes heresiarcha temporis illius aliquis superbus.

14. f.163b The symbols of the Twelve Signs in red with their names in capitals, and the verse
Sic duodena poli Chaldeus signa notauit.

15. f.164 Sententie excerpte de diuersis opusculis
Paulus apostolus non ab hominibus etc.
Apostolus interpretatur missus.
Epiphanius ad Iohannem.
Ambrose and Augustine are quoted as well as Jerome.
Ends f.169b:
melius est habere zachei staturam cum sanitate quam golie cum febre.

16. f.169b De spera celi
Affirmatur celum rotundum esse
-caritatem consequamur.

17. f.170 De lapidibus
laspis uiridis
-contra omnes incursus constantes.

f.170b 18. De mensuris
Mensurarum appellationes
-miliarium passus cc. pedes v.

19. f.170b Ad estimandum cuiusque rei altitudinem sole lucente
pro mensura illius rei teneto.


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