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Shelfmark O.4.24
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Miscellanea Graeca

James Number 1255
Century 17th
Physical Description

Many tracts bound together. In various hands.


Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738. G. 8. No. 293. Most of the volume seems to have been written by Patrick Young.

Donor Gale, Roger (1672-1744), Antiquary
Size (cm) 31.5 x 20.5
Folio cir. 200 ff.
Material Paper
Language Greek
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Note on flyleaf.
April ye 5, 1677.
Borrowed then of Dr Gale Photii Lexicon in MS. Gr. wch I promise to returne upon demand. Edward Bernard.
1. Testamenta duodecim Patriarcharum.
Transcript from the Cambridge MS. Ff. 1. 24. Collated with the Oxford MS. Barocc. 133.
2. Josippi Ὑπομνηστικὠ̑ν.
From the Cambridge MS. Ff. 1. 24. See Fabric. Cod. Pseud. V. T. ll.
f.78 Versus Leonis from the same MS.
3. Fragmentum Josephi ex cod. J. Vossii referri debet ad p.488, Ed. Genevensis.
Copies of decrees, ff.6.
4. Index to Josippus.
f.83 5. Epitome Legis Mosaicae
From Cod. MS. Bodl. Roe 18.
f.95 6. Cantica Canticorum cum commento
From MS. New College.
Dated at end. Nono Cal. Jul. Sherbornae in Juniano nostro 1636.
f.112 Supplenda ex Cod. MS. Archiep. Cant.
7. f.115 Συναγωγὴ ἐξηγή σεων τοῡ 'Hρακλείας Νικήτα εἰς τὰς παροιμὀας του̑ Σαλομω̑ντος
f.117 8. Eusebius Pamphili de nominibus locorum
Greek and Latin in parallel columns.
Dated Bromefeldiae in agro Essexiensi 14 Aug. 1647
9. f.149 Λέξεις τθ̑ς ἁγὀας γραφθ̑ς
From a Royal MS. collated with one of Th. Allen. Bromefield, 13 Sept. 1647.
f.158 10. Origenis ὤπὠ̑μνημα εἰς τοάς ψαλμο′ς
Followed by fragments and Hypotheses of Hippolytus, Hesychius, Eusebius, Epiphanius, on the Psalms.
f.168 11. Excerpta ex Catena Graecorum Patrum in 50 priores Psalmos
f.173b Ex Catena recentiore
f.174 Ex Catena Noui Collegii
f.178 Ex MS. Bodleiano
f.188b Στὀχοι Ἰαμβικοί
f.189 12. Excerpta ex Athanasio in Psalmos
"Ex Alexandrine exemplari τω̑ν ο̅."
f.192 13. Ioannes Chrysostomus in Ps. xxxvii.
f.196 14. A comparison of Ps. xvii. (xviii.) with 2 Sam. xxii. (in Greek)
15. A second copy of the Excerpt from Josephus, No. 3.

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