The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark O.2.44
Manuscript Title

Composite Manuscript

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James Number 1148
Century 13th14th15th16th17th
Physical Description

Several volumes. IV. 38 lines to a page. V. Double columns of 41 lines. Paged in red 317-329. VI. Roughly written.


Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738. C. 86. No. 218.

Donor Gale, Roger (1672-1744), Antiquary
Size (cm) 22.5 x 16.5
Folio I. 28 ff. II. 12 ff. III. 100 ff. IV. 20 ff. V. 7 ff. VI. cir. 100 ff.
Material PaperParchment
Language Latin
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I. Paper, in a wrapper consisting of a vellum leaf of a dictionary or index to Aristotle of early xivth cent. running from Sobrietas to Species: other fragments occur in subsequent volumes.
Lectures on Anatomy (by W. Dunn) delivered in London at the College of Surgeons(?) in 1553, beginning
Eloquar an sileam.

II. Paper, in a wrapper consisting of part of two leaves of a large MS. in double columns (cent. xiv) of Hugutio's Dictionary(?) in Italian hand.
Lectures on Anatomy continued.

III. Paper. Lectures on Anatomy dated (at end) 1553.
A leaf of a printed Chronicle of France (early xvith cent.) in double columns of 48 lines.

IV. Vellum. Cent. xiv early.
Headed (xvi)
Henricus de Amonda villa ad Philippum regem Francorum ano 1300. Med. 3. 23.
In nomine..... amen. Serenissimo duci nostro Philippo etc.
-incepta parisius. Anno post incarnacionem christi millesimo trescentesimo sexto.
In two quires of 12 and 8 leaves: foliated 192-211 (with errors).
There are several very neat drawings, viz.
On f.2b. A nude man and a physician with raised knife.
3b. A skeleton.
4a. A nude man.
4b. A flayed man carrying his skin on a stick over his shoulder.
6a, 6b, 7b. Sections of men.
8b. Sections of the head.
9a. The eye.
13b. Section of a man.
17b. Sections of women.
Ends f.20a. Sunt 7 ύ 7 ύ 7.

V. Vellum. Cent. xiii, xiv. A quire of 12, wanting 8-12. Paginated in red 317-329.
Anonymus de Anatomia.
Galieno testante in tegni quicunque interiorum et non apparencium membrorum
cognitor esse desiderat
Ends f.6a: breuiter liquidoque notata.
2. On ff.6b, 7a in a later hand is a form of confession, arranged under the heads of the seven deadly sins.
Confiteor deo et beate marie.
Superbia invidia ira and accidia are treated. It ends unfinished
Sepe subtraxi me a diuinis etc.
f.7b is blank.

VI. Written by W. Dunn. Containing
1. Guinterius . Institut. anatomicis.
Multum habet momenti in curandis morbis.
2. Lectures on Anatomy.
3. Obseruationes anatomicae ex Barthol. Cabrallo aliisque anatomicis desumptae.

At the end are three leaves and part of a fourth of the Aristotelian index, of which there is a leaf in I. These leaves are in the letters A, D, and M.


Roberts, J., and A. G. Watson, ed., John Dee's Library Catalogue (London, 1990) DM3; cf. M39

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