The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark O.2.3
Manuscript Title


Alternative Title

Eunomii Quaedam Graece

James Number 1107
Century 17th
Physical Description

22 lines to a page. Well written.


Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738. B. 53. No. 119.

Donor Gale, Roger (1672-1744), Antiquary
Size (cm) 24.5 x 19
Folio 24 ff. written.
Material Paper
Language Greek
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1. f.1 Εὐνομίου ἔκθεσις
Του̑ θεου̑ σωτῆρος ἡμω̑ν Ἰησου̑ Χριστου̑
--ὧν τὸ κρίμα ἔνδικόν ἐστιν.

2. f.7 Εὐνομίου του̑ δυσσεβου̑ς ἀπολογητικὸς
πρὸς ὃν ἔγραψε τοὺς άντιρρητικοὺς ὁ μέγας Βασίλειος
Τὸ μὲν συκοφαντεῖν καὶ διαβάλλειν
--καὶ δυνάμει του̑ υίου̑ γενόμενον.
Τέλος του̑ Εὐνομίου (f.15).

3. f.16 In another hand, without heading, are copies of other anti-Arian documents.
Most of the volume is written on one side of the page only.


Vaggione, R. P., 'An appeal to antiquity: the seventeenth and eighteenth century manuscripts of the Heretic Eunomius', in Arianism: Historical and theological reassessments. Papers from the Ninth International Conference on Patristic Studies, September 5-10, 1983, ed. R. Gregg, Patristic monograph series 11 (Cambridge, MA, 1985), pp. XX-XX

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