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Shelfmark O.17.2
Manuscript Title

The Freshfield Album

Alternative Title

The Freshfield Album

James Number n/a
Date 1574
Century 16th
Physical Description

21 sketches, in watercolour and ink, of public buildings and monuments in Constantinople, bound in vellum.


Edwin Hanson Freshfield, member of the College, 17 June 1935.

Drawn by a German-speaking artist in 1574 with captions in Latin referring to Pierre Gilles, De topographia Constantinopoleos. Possibly the work of the Flemish artist Lambert de Vos; an earlier suggestion was Stefan Gerlach, chaplain to David Ungnad, imperial envoy of the Emperor Maximilan II to Constantinople (see Freshfield, ‘Notes on a Vellum Album’). Acquired in the nineteenth century by Edwin Freshfield, father of the donor.

Donor Freshfield, Edwin Hanson (1864-1962), Alumnus Of Trinity (Matric 1881)
Size (cm) 41 x 28
Folio 21 ff.
Material Paper
Language Latin


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f. 1. The column of Constantine
ff. 2-5. Four views of the obelisk of Thothmes in the Hippodrome
f. 6. The bronze serpent column from Delphi, also in the Hippodrome
f. 7. The obelisk of stones (colossus structilis), also in the Hippodrome
ff. 8-10. Three views of the interior of St Sofia
ff. 11-13. Three views of the column erected by the Emperor Arcadius in honour of his father the Emperor Theodosius the Great
f. 14. The Mosque of Sultan Suleiman
f. 15. The tomb of Sultan Suleiman
f. 16. The lighthouse at the northern mouth of the Bosphurus
f. 17. 'Pompey's Pillar' on the Cyanean Rocks at the northern mouth of the Bosphorus near the European coast.
ff. 18-19. Two pictures of a grey and a black Abyssinian rhinoceros
f. 20. General view of St Sofia, adjacent buildings, and the three monuments in the Hippodrome
f. 21. The tomb of Sultan Selim and five of his sons who were put to death by their brother, Sultan Murad, at his accession
A draft table of contents is attached to the back cover


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This work is copyright the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License