The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark O.1.66
Manuscript Title


Alternative Title

Lexicon Graece

James Number 1090
Date Cent. xv (1460).
Century 15th
Physical Description

19 lines to a page. Well written. The leaves at the beginning are fragmentary.


Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738. L. 14. No. 405.

Donor Gale, Roger (1672-1744), Antiquary
Size (cm) 16 x 11
Folio 205 ff.
Material Paper
Language Greek

(nine leaves) | ζ8 (wants 1, 7) θ8 ι6 κ6 ιβ8? (wants two) ιγ8 ιδ8 (wants 6-8) ιε8 (wants 1) ιϚ8 (8 mut.) ιζ8-ιθ8: of quires κ, κα nine leaves remain κβ4 κγ10 (wants 4) κδ8 (wants 7) κε8 (wants 6) κϚ8 κζ8 κη8 κθ8 (wants 1-3) λ8 λα8 (five left) λβ8 λγ8 | eleven leaves.

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1. A Lexicon.
The first nine leaves are mere fragments.
The first rubric left is on f.7b
τὸ α μετὰ του̑ ξ.
Ἀξιάγαστος άξιοθαύμαστος.
Thirty or forty leaves at the beginning are damaged at the top: but less than thirty have lost any of their writing in consequence. There are many leaves lost as will be seen from the collation, but the alphabet ends on f.3 of quire λ.
ὧ ὥτινι.
τέλος του̑ ὦ μεγάλου.

2. λ f.3b
Ἑρμηνεία λέξεων κατὰ στοιχείων ἐμφερομένων τῆ βίβλω του̑ ἁγίου Διονυσίου ἐπισκόπου ἀθηνω̑ν.
Ἀγάμενος -- ὦπται. ἐθεάθη.

3. Λέξεις του̑ τετραβασιλείου. βασιλειω̑ν α. fol. ult. Ἀμαφέ
Patrick Young has collated this in the margin with other copies, and added references.
-ἐν σοχὼθ . ἐν συγκλισμοῖς.

4. λβ f.2 Λέξεις τω̑ν ρ̅ν̅ ψαλμω̑ν

5. Λέξεις τω̑ν ὠδω̑ν . ὠδη ἅ
λβ ult. Τριστάτας .

6. λγ f.2 Ἑ ρμηνεία λέξεων ἰεζεκιὴλ του̑ προφήτου
ὡς εἶδες τ βεκ.Followed by Λέξεις of Jeremiah, Daniel, τω̑ν ἁγίων ἀποστόλων.

7. Names of the twelve Apostles, with interpretations.
Πέτρος ἐπιλὐων ἢ ἐπιγνοὺς.
Followed by a miscellaneous paragraph with faint rubric.
καὶ ἔτερα (?) ἐκτὸς τω̑ν άγίων ἀποστόλων έν ὧ ήσὶν ταυ̑τα. Φαραω̑... λήπο ἄμπελος ἀγρία Βαροὺχ... Έδὲμ... Ώσάννα κ.τ.λ.
Οὐχ ἑψήσεις ἄρνα ἐν γάλακτι μητρὸς αὐτου̑ interpreted as shewing why Christ was not killed by Herod.
Faint diagrams in red of the virtues, senses, etc.
λέξεις βίβλου κρατιστῆς εἰσορᾶς πανολβίου
Ἄνακτος ἡμω̑ν ἰησου̑ μακαρτάτου.
Ἐτελειώθη τὸ παρὸν βιβλήδιον ὧ καὶ καλῆται λεξικω̑ν διὰ χειρὸς ἐμου̑ του̑ εὐτελου̑ς κ. ἁμαρτωλου̑ τάχα καὶ θὐτου Θεοδώρου τ. σοφου̑ τ. κ. αἰχμαλώτου πόλεως Κωνστ. του̑ μεγάλου καὶ γραφ. ἐν τῆ κωρωνεια (?) . ἐν μηνὶ μαρτίω ι̅Ϛ̅ ἐν ἔτει Ϛω̑ ϡω̑ ξω̑ η (6968 = A. D. 1460) κ.τ.λ..

II. In a smaller hand and pale ink.

The first page very faint: ending with a list of the planets.
Ὁκρόνος ἔνε πολλὰ κακοποιὸς κ.τ.λ.
On the verso
τὰ βότανα τω̑ν ζ' πλανητω̑ν καὶ τὶ άποτελούσην.
Spaces are left for drawings of the plants at the head of each chapter. A late hand has inserted a rough picture
of the plant of Aphrodite (σατήριον).
Ends imperfectly in the section on the plant of the Moon.


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