The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark O.1.37
Manuscript Title

John Christopherson, Jephthah

Alternative Title

Jo. Christophersoni Jephthae.

James Number 1061
Century 16th
Physical Description

14 lines to a page. Beautifully written.


The names of Charles Nevil and Thomas King at the end.Part of the Gale collection, given to T.C.C. by Roger Gale in 1738. C. 85. No. 217.

Size (cm) 20 x 15
Folio 54 ff.
Material Paper
Language Greek
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Τραγωδία Ἰεφθάε ὑπὸ του̑ Ἰωάννου Χριστοφερσώνου ξυγγραφεῖσα ἐκ του̑ κεφαλαίου ια τω̑ν κριτω̑ν.
Honoratissimo viro et singulari suo Patrono D. Parro Comiti Essexiae Ioannes Christofersonus S. D. P.
Quamquam multarum rerum causa.
7 ff.
Carmina quędam in Tragoediam Iephte inque exempla vitę quę inde sumi possunt.
Latin trimeter Iambics 4 ff.
2 ff. blank.
Title as above.
Text on verso.
ὑπόθεσις Ἰεφθάε.
In Greek prose.
2 ff.
τὰ του̑ δράματος πρόσωπα.
Six elegiac verses in Greek Ῥωβέρτου Πεμβήρου.
1 f.
Text. προλογίζει δε ὁ Ἰεφθάε
στίχοι ἰαμβεῖοι τρίμετροι άκατάληκτοι.
Οὐ πάντ΄ ἔδωκε πᾶσι παγκρατὴς θεός
ἄρδην . τίθει γὰρ ἐσθλὁν ἔν τισιν νόον.
ff. 42, ending
ποιεῖτ΄ ἄρ΄ εὐχὰς δεξιω̑ς πάντες θεῷ,
ἔπειτα καὶ τελεῖτε . του̑το δ΄ εὐσεβές.
Tanner mentions that a Latin version of this by Christopherson was dedicated to Henry VIII. The author was an original Fellow of the College, was Master of it from 1553 to 1558, and also Dean of Norwich: in exile during Edward VI.'s reign, he died Bishop of Chichester in 1558.

A slip of vellum (glossed Aristotle? xiii-xiv) has been removed from the binding (photographed at the end)


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This work is copyright the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License