The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark B.4.3
Manuscript Title Glossed Minor Prophets
Alternative Title Prophetae Glosati.
James Number 117
Century 12th
Physical Description 3 columns, text and gloss, text 20 lines. Finely written. Bold initials (see below).
Provenance Given by Whitgift. On f.1b in red and green letters is Liber sancte Marie de Bildewas.
Religious House Buildwas, Shropshire, Cistercian Abbey
Donor Whitgift, John (1530/31?–1604), Archbishop of Canterbury, Master of Trinity
Size (cm) 36 x 25.5
Folio 81 ff.
Material Parchment
Language Latin
Collation a8-k8 l (1 left).
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Online Since 06/06/2013


1. f.1 Lists of the Jewish kings
Nomina regum tribuum x. Jeroboam annos xxii.
Nomina regum duarum tribuum Roboam annos xvii.

2. A second list for each kingdom without the initial letters of the names, and without the length of the reign of each.
f.1b Inc. prol. b. Ieronimi in duodecim prophetas
Non idem ordo.
Prologus osee inc.
Temporibus ozie.
Gloss: Ordo prophetarum secundum lxx.
Materia osee triplex.
f.2 Text. Uerbum domini
Gloss. L. Osee de tribu ysacar.
R. IER. osee interpretatur saluator.
Ends imperfect in Mal. i. seruus dominum suum timebit. Si ego.
Osee. f.2 Decorative: foliage blue, green, yellow on scarlet ground, light blue ground outside
Ioel. f.12b Brownish-red bird on blue ground: scarlet ground outside
Amos. f.20 Foliage scarlet ground: dark blue ground outside
Abdias. f.33b Prophet with scroll, blue ground on scarlet
Ionas. f.36 Yellowish lion above: reddish stork (?) below eating worm: blue ground on scarlet
Micheas. f.41 Foliage and small brown animal: blue ground. The letter in light brown and green
Naum. f.51b A slate-coloured donkey sits on a brown rock and plays a harp and looks up, green ground on blue
Abbacuc. f.56b Flower or foliage on blue, on green
Sophonias. f.62 A black-haired nude man wrestles with a bear: the shadows of the man's body are in green : scarlet ground, dark blue outside: letter pink and green
Aggeus (f.68). Zacharias (f.72) plain.
Malachias. Letter green, outside ground scarlet, inside ground blue, with foliage and dragon's head in pink, brown, yellow and green.


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This work is copyright the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License