The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark B.3.18
Manuscript Title

Theophylactus, Gelasius of Cyzicus

Alternative Title

Theophylacti Epistolae. Gelasius Cyzicenus. Graece.

James Number 97
Century 15th16th
Physical Description

Two volumes, 30 and 27 lines to the page.


Given by Nevile.

Donor Neville [Nevile], Thomas (c. 1548–1615), College Head and Dean of Canterbury
Size (cm) 32 x 22.5
Folio 144 ff.
Material Paper
Language Greek

In eights.

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At the beginning is a bit of a gloss on the Gospels, and at the end a bit of a law MS., both of cent. xiii.

I. f.1 Ἐπιστολαί του̑ μακαριωτάτου ἐπισκὠ̑που Βουλγαρὀας κ′ρου Θεοφυλάκτου
1. Τῃ δεσποὀνὅ Μαρὀᾷ.
Δέσποινά μου ἁγὀα πολλοὶς μἱν ἐν τοὶς λυπηροὶς.
2. f.2 τἤ μεγάλῳ δομεστικἤ
3. f.3b Νικᾠτᾷ τἤ του̑ (sic) σερρω̑ν
See Migne Patr. Graec. cxxvi. col. 501 sqq.
After ύ ix Τἤ καὀσαρι τἤ Μελισσηνἤ
follows Τἤ κὀτρου.
f.7 Ὄντως τἤ πνευματικἤ πνευματικά
Epp. xiv, xv, and part of xvi are wanting: there is a leaf left blank (f.10).
After the xxxivth Epistle (of Lamy's collection) in Migne, the collection in our MS. reverts to the Vatican collection (Migne, col. 307) and gives practically the whole of it: we then pass to the Meursian collection (l.c. col. 357), not all of which is given.
The last two letters are nos. xxv, xxvi of the Meursian collection (Migne, col. 409).

II. Gelasii Cyziceni
f.41 Σ′νταγμα τω̑ν κατὰ τὴν ἐν Νικαὀᾷ ἁγὀαν σ′νοδον πραχθέντων.
Τὰ κατὰ τὴν ἁγὀαν καί μεγάλην καί οἰκουμενικὴν κ.τ.λ.
See Migne, Patr. Graec. lxxxv. col. 1192-1360.
The text ends here as in Migne, with the letter headed
f.142b Νικητὴς κωνσταντὶνος σεβαστὥς Θεοδὠ̑τω. Ὅση τὴς θεὀας ὀργθ̑ς


Chisholm, J. E., The Pseudo-Augustinean Hypomnesticon against the Pelagians and Celestians Vol. I: Introduction (Fribourg, 1967)

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