The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark B.3.16
Manuscript Title Glossed Joshua, Judges, Ruth
Alternative Title Libri Iosue, Iudicum, Ruth, Glosati.
James Number 95
Century 12th13th
Physical Description Text 24 lines to a page. Finely written. Plain initials.
Provenance Given by Whitgift. There seems to be no mark. Probably from Buildwas. [Ker (1964) rejected Buildwas, but Sheppard (1997) re-established the volume as from Buildwas having belonged to Master Robert Amiclas]
Second Folio ierichontium
Religious House Buildwas, Shropshire, Cistercian Abbey
Donor Whitgift, John (1530/31?–1604), Archbishop of Canterbury, Master of Trinity
Size (cm) 32.5 x 23.5
Folio 66 ff.
Material Parchment
Language Latin
Collation I8-IV8 | i8-iv8 (+ 2). Quires numbered in Roman figures on last leaf.
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1. f.1 Capitula
Promisit dominus Iosue dicens
-alloquitur eos Iosue.
f.1 Inc. prefatio ieronimi in iosue
f.1b Adamantius. Donauit deus nomen quod est super omne nomen
f.2 Text
Gloss L. OR. Omnem locum quocunque ascenderitis.
R. Adamantius. Moyses famulus meus defunctus est.
Ends f.32a. Expl. liber iosve Bennun habens uersus ύ m. septingentos ύ l.
Gloss. -dereliquerunt quod non illis imputetur.
f.32b blank.
2. f.33 Inc. Sopthim idest iudicum
Gloss L. Aug. In fine libri ihesu naue.
R. Isid. Hystoria libri iudicum.
Ends f.62b. Expl. lib. Ivdicum habens uersus ύ m. septingentos l.
3. f.62b Inc. liber Ruth
Gloss L. Rab. Abiit homo etc. Christus ύsύ in bethleem iuda.
Ends f.66c.
Expl. liber Ruth.


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