The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark B.3.11
Manuscript Title Glossed Twelve Minor Prophets
Alternative Title Prophetae Xii. Glosati.
James Number 90
Century 12th13th
Physical Description Text 19 lines to a full page, gloss 38. Magnificently written by Roger of Canterbury. The initials are of the finest style, all decorative, containing occasionally beasts, and once (in that to Joel) a blue man wrestling with a lion. The style of these initials is that of Herbert de Bosham's gloss (vide B.5.4). The grounds are usually gold.
Provenance Given by Whitgift. From Christ Church, Canterbury. On f.2b is the mark ·P ·[P has a tail to the left of the descender starting at the bottom of the bowl, the abbreviation for pro.] On f.1b is the title "xij prophete," followed by a list of the twelve prophets: but the class-mark is gone. It is very possibly Becket’s copy.
Religious House Canterbury, Kent, Benedictine Cathedral Priory (Christ Church)
Donor Whitgift, John (1530/31?–1604), Archbishop of Canterbury, Master of Trinity
Size (cm) 33.5 x 23.5
Folio 143 ff.
Material Parchment
Language Latin
Collation a2 (wants 1) | i8-xviii8 (wants 7, 8 blank).
Notes See also B.3.12
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f.2 Gloss. ch.1. Ordo prophetarum secundum lxx. talis est etc.
ch.2. Materia osee triplex est.
Prologue ch.1. Non idem ordo est duodecim prophetarum.
ch.2. Temporibus ozie et Ioathe.
f.2b Osee...Gloss L. Osee de tribu ysachar
R. Ierommus. Ozias qui et azarias.
f.29b Iohel
f.40 Amos
f.60b Abdias
f.64 Ionas
f.70 Micheas
f.83 Naum
f.90 Abacuc
f.98 Sophonias
f.106 Aggeus
f.111b Zacharias
f.l36b Malachias
Colophon: Expl. liber xii prophetarum peraratus calamo ROGERI Cantuariensis


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