The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark B.17.20
Manuscript Title

Papers, Relating to Dr Bentley's Proposed Edition of the Greek Testament

Alternative Title

Papers Relating To Dr. Bentley's Proposed Edition of the Greek Testament

James Number 415
Century 9th10th11th18th
Physical Description

Folio volume containing a mass of papers, many being loose.


Given in 1787.

Size (cm) 31.5 x 21.5
Folio 301 ff.
Language EnglishGreekLatin

B.17.20 comprises a bound volume and 2 additional fragments which are boxed with the bound volume (contents 1-24) and a separate folder containing further papers (contents 25-31).

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A folio volume containing a mass of papers, many being loose, mostly connected with Dr Bentley's proposed edition of the Greek Testament.

1. On f.1 are copies of Latin inscriptions 'in aedibus et Hortis Colotianis, descriptae ex schedis Bibl. Barbarinae.'

2. f.2. Act. 27 collat. cum ed. Rob. Stephani. Fol. MDL.

3. 2ff. Collation of the LXX. of Judges xvi-xxi with the Codex Sarravianus. See no. 9.

4. 3ff. Collation of the LXX. of Chronicles with the Codex Cantabrigiensis (ff. 1, 24) et Theclae (=Alexandrinus).

5. 19ff. The LXX. of Jeremiah, Baruch, Lam., Ezek., ex collatione Codicis Noui Collegii ap. Oxon. cum ed. Romana.

6. 34ff. Collation of the "Grand Manuscrit de St Aubin d'Angers de 1'Année 900" of the Gospels, with the Edition of P. Morin, Paris, 1628. (Latin.)

7. 12ff. Collation of a Latin MS. unnamed with an Edition unnamed, from Philippians to Hebrews. See no.12.

8. 1f. 1 John v. 7 in Latin copied from various MSS. at Paris(?).

9. 3ff. Collation of the LXX. of Joshua x-xix, Judges xv, xvi with the Codex Sarravianus.

10. 4ff. Partial collation of the Cotton Genesis with the Frankfort LXX.

11. 4 ff. Letter from Thomas Rud, 22 Oct. 1722, to Bentley, enclosing a collation of a Latin MS. of the Gospels at Durham with the Clementine Vulgate.
The letter is concerned also with some early Greek inscriptions.

12. cir. 50ff. Collation of a Latin MS. of Acts and Epistles not named with a printed edition not named. It is the first part of no.7, and ends in Philippians.

13. 2ff. A list of words in the LXX. to be added to some Index or Dictionary.

14. Two letters of great length from William Doyle of Trinity College, Dublin, written in 1728. to John Wilson of Trinity College, Cambridge, about the Codex Montfortianus: with a facsimile of 1 John v. 7.

15. 7ff. Various readings extracted by the Abbé Rulotta from Vaticanus (B) of the N.T. accompanied by a letter from Baron Philippe de Stosch, 9 July 1729.

16. 10ff. Various readings on the LXX. text of the Octateuch: disordered and imperfect: Codex Sarravianus is the only source distinctly mentioned.

17. A double leaf of vellum, 12.625 x 10.75, in double columns of 22 lines, written in a large minuscule of cent. xi, in brownish ink. It is from an Evangelistarium. The first leaf begins κεὀμενοσ . ἁ ή διακονω̑ν (Lc. xxii.27) to οϊ μαθηταί αὑ̑του̑ (v.39). Then follows Lc. xxii.39-42 γενέσθω.
The second leaf begins λυθυὶαι αὑ̑τἤ (Lc. xxiii.55) to ἐντολᾠν (v. 56). Then follows Mt. vi.1-13, and lastly Mt. vi.14 ending ή πατᾠρ.

18. Letter from Patrick Delany of Trin. Coll. Dublin to John Wilson on 1 John v. 7. 1726.

19. 6ff. of Indices, Classical notes, and a bit of a collation of a Latin MS. of the Gospels.

20. Letter from S. Rouaux(?) 0. S. B. to Vincent Fuillier 0. S. B. of St Germain des Pres on the Angers MS. of the N. T.. Angers, 24 Dec. 1719.

21. 4ff. Miscellaneous notes by Bentley on the Gospels and on Ignatius.

22. 22pp. Transcript by Bentley of the Παραλειπὠ̑μενα Ιερεμὀου, from B.8.7?

23. Readings of Cod. Alex. in the Catholic Epistles (except James) by Bentley.

24. Notes on tracts of Galen.


25. f.208r Index Scriptorum qui ab Eustathio memorantur, 6ff.

26. Autograph of Bentley's Proposals for his edition of the Greek Testament, 3ff.

27. Letter from Robert Walker (grandson of Dr Walker) to Dr C. P. Burney, at Greenwich, from Cosgrove 15 May 1809: about Dr Walker's papers. Letters from the same to the same, with a copy of Bentley's queries on the text of Suetonius, and Walker's answers.

28. A number of papers by Bentley, Ayloff and others relating to Bentley's disputes with Trinity College.

29. Letters from J. Wasse to D'Orville, and from W. Vincent to C. P. Burney.

30. List of Papers (by Newton, Caswell, Kelsey, and Bentley) deliver'd to Dr Johnson.

31. Ten Elegiac Verses by Bentley on the pagan and the Christian Trinity.
Si quis priscorum repetat modo religionem,
Sentiet hic omnes tris coluisse deos

[Loose fragments ff.172-173]

Loose in this volume are also two fragments of uncial MSS. of the N. T. sent by J. C. Wolf to Bentley. One is the best part of a column from the MS. now known as G of the Gospels (Harl. 5684); the other is a fragment cut from the bottom of a leaf of H of the Gospels, now in the Hamburg Universitätsbibliothek (Cod. 91). Both MSS. were Wolf's property at the time of their mutilation.
The fragment of G contains parts of Matt. v.29-31, 39-43; the fragment of H, Luke i.3-6, 13-15. Both are of cent. ix, x. See Gregory, Prolegomena in N. T. Tischendorf., pp. 375 sqq.

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