The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark B.15.39
Manuscript Title

These ben þe gaderid councelis of seynt ysodre

Alternative Title

Now B.7.4 part III

James Number 374
Physical Description

33 lines to a page.

Language Middle English

8 (6 + 2)

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Now B.7.4 part III

1. f.165 These ben þe gaderid councelis of seynt ysodre to enforme man how he schulde fle vicis and folewe uertuis. Consideracioun of a man him silf
Man knowe þi silf knowe what þow art.
In sections: Euele þou ’tes.
Continuel prier.
Ffelowschip of wommen.
Sadnes of mynde.
Dispite of þe world.
Ends f.169b no þing for wordli opinioun but oonli for lijf euerlastinge. Amen.
2. these ben counceilis good and holsum, if þei haue wilful execusioun. Augustinus de contemptu mundi.
a. Iff thou seie to me is an hard word.
b. þis sentence seiþ seint austyn. Dispite of þe world.
c. Omnia terrena per vices sunt aliena.
d. De terra plasmasti me etc. Drþe (l. Erþe) out of erþe is wondirli wrou ’t etc.
e. Memento homo quod cinis es etc.
First biþenke þee how þu mizte holde þi silf wreachid etc.
Ends f.171b, lord holde so faste my soule and my loue to þee þat noon oþer loue, ne for synne. I neuere be departid fro þee. Amen.
3. f.172 In a hand of early xvith cent.
By hym that all dothe (embrase)
And nothing his presence (may compase).
In the ende of yemps when phebus had serclied
Envyron the world and stode yn Aquarye
And Saturne finally his wreck hath wreckyd,
My bemys y spied yn compas youre emysperie.
Remembryng your Jugements and faythfull gryerary. [James has i p c above gryerary.]
’e haue concluded your citee to polysshe
Eschwyng Ryot and vertu to norysshe.
The fourth and last stanza ends
But all Odius Rancoure be rasyd from your sone
To youre honoure worship and ryall mageste
That ’e present duryng youre mayralte.
Vnto the most noble Senature wt all diligens
Protector of the commonwelle in oure absens.
The poem seems to be an address at a Pageant of a Lord Mayor(?) spoken by one in the character of Apollo? or some luminary.


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