The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark B.15.18
Manuscript Title

Walter Hilton, Scala perfectionis

Alternative Title

Walter Hilton. Scala Perfectionis.

James Number 354
Century 15th
Physical Description

36-37 lines to a page. Neatly written.


Given by Willmer.

From the Charterhouse of Sheen; see Colophon.

On f.115b the name Henry Brereton (xvi). On the last page: Quod donare potes gratis concede Roganti,
Nam quae sepe fiunt miseris in parte Lucrantur Lucrosum est.
In templo S. Egidii prope
Portam S. Egidii Ciuit. Norwicensis
xxiiiito Martii 1595 iuxta x.
Et quod recte facis miseris in parte lucrosum est.

A slip of a xivth cent. MS. (theological) in the binding.

Religious House Sheen, Surrey, Charterhouse
Donor Wilmer, George (c.1583-1626), Alumnus Of Trinity (Matric 1598)
Size (cm) 28 x 20.5
Folio 116 ff.
Material Parchment
Language Middle English

18 28 310 48 58 610 710 88-148 (152 added).

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f.1 Here folowiþ þe chapitowres of þe firste boke of Walter hilton þe which is called Scala perfeccionis þat is to sey þe ladder of perfeccion
Capitula, ending on f.iv
f.ivb blank except for Title.
Here begynnyth þe first boke.
That þe ynner havyng of mannys sowle schuldebe like to þe vttir.
Cap. 1.
f.1 Gostli sustre in Ihesu crist I pray þe þat in þe callyng
f.48b Tabula libri secundi
f.50b Text of book II.
The original hand breaks off with f.114: the remainder (16 lines) is added by a late xvth cent. hand and has this Colophon.
et sic finitur liber ven. Walteri Hylton summi contemplatiui cuius ffoelicissimus obitus fuit in vigilia Intemerate (so) Assumptionis Intemerate Virginis dei genitricis Marie a. d. M. CCC. lxxxxv.
Script. quidem est hoc opus per Benet quondam procuratorem in Carthusia de Schen super Tamisiam Quod Grenehalgh eiusdem domus professus indigna manu sua In ffesto Reliquiarum fe. 6 a sero. 1499. Monogram of J. G. follows.

On f.116a (xvi)
Jn modio rendi non est vola plena sciendi.
Jn A busshell of Trowynge ys not one handfull of Knowynge.


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This work is copyright the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License