The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark B.10.24
Manuscript Title

Bible (Vol 1)

Alternative Title

Biblia I

James Number 235
Date Cent. xiii (1270?).
Century 13th
Physical Description

Double columns of 44 lines. Fine hand: good pictured initials. The second volume is B.10.25


Belonged to Johannes Hackett (Bp of Coventry and Lichfield).

Size (cm) 15 x 10
Folio 364 ff.
Material Parchment
Language Latin

in quires of 26 leaves.

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Contents :
f.1 Prol. Jeronimi
f.4b Genesis -1 Par. Oratio Manassis follows without a break
Esdr. I. Neem. Esdr. II. (3 Esdr) -Job.
The pictured initials are :
1. Prol. Nimbed monk at desk.
2. Gen. Seven medallions and larger quatrefoil at bottom.
1. God holds globe with trefoil mark on it. 2. Holds globe with horizontal line. 3. Between trees. 4. Holds up Sun and Moon. 5. Birds on L., fish on R. 6. Creates Eve. 7. Seated, holds globe divided into 3. 8. Crucifixion, with Virgin and St John.
3. Exod. Moses horned, in green sea with rod, leads 3 or 4 Jews to R.
4. Lev. Two Jews kneel by altar and hold up lambs or kids. God's face in cloud.
5. Num. Moses not horned kneels with tables. God's face in cloud.
6. Deut. Moses going out to L. and looking back. Priest (?) in peaked mitre holds the tables upright on an altar.
7. Jos. Joshua in gold cap kneels. God's face in cloud.
8. Jud. Three Jews kneel. God's face in cloud.
9. Ruth. Elimelech, below him Naomi, below her Mahlon and Chilion.
10. 1 Reg. Eli in gold chasuble stands over Hannah kneeling.
11. 2 Reg. David on L. Man about to behead the Amalekite.
12. 3 Reg. A courtier brings Abishag to David in bed.
13. 4 Reg. Ahaziah falls headlong from tower.
14. 1 Par. Crowd of seated figures in peaked caps.
15. 2 Par. Solomon kneels by altar under canopy and holds up lamb. God's face above.
16. Esdr. Workman with trowel: below, workman with hod on ladder: below, Cyrus.
17. Neem. Nehemiah kneels with covered cup to Artaxerxes.
18. Esdre. Jew with asperge and bucket sprinkles altar.
19. Tob. Tobit recumbent, swallow flies above him.
20. Judith. Beheads Holofernes in bed.
21. Hester. Above, Esther kneels to Ahasuerus who embraces her; below, Haman nude to the waist, hangs.
22. Job. Seated on dunghill: the three friends and wife stand on R
23. Psalter. Beatus vir. Above, David crowned plays the harp: below, he beheads Goliath.
24. Psalter. Dominus illuminatio. David seated as king, on L. a nimbed prophet with hand raised anoints or rebukes him.
25. Psalter. Dixi custodiam. David kneels and points to his mouth. God's face above.
26. Psalter. Dixit insipiens. Bald fool with club eating a cake.
27. Psalter. Saluum. Above, Christ half-length with globe: below, David nude in water.
28. Psalter. Exultate. David plays on 4 bells.
29. Psalter. antate. Two coped priests. Altar and chalice with corporal on R.
30. Psalter. Dixit dominus. The Father and Son seated, with books. The Dove between.

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