The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark B.10.17
Manuscript Title

Gospel Book

Alternative Title

Quatuor Evangelia Graece.

James Number 228
Century 13th
Physical Description

20 lines to a page. Well written.


Given by Bentley. From Pantocrator.

Donor Bentley, Richard (1662–1742), Philologist and Classical Scholar, Master of Trinity
Size (cm) 22.5 x 15.5
Folio 318 + 6 ff.
Material PaperParchment
Language Greek

i2 (with 6 ff. of paper inserted): Α8-ΙΑ8 ΙΑ*8 | ΙΒ8-ΙΕ8 (5 canc.) -ΙΗ8 ΙΗ*4 (wants 4) | ΙΘ84 | ΛΑ8-ΛΖ8 (7 canc.) ΛΗ8 (wants 8) ΛΘ6 | Μ8 (wants 8).

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Six ff. of paper with table of Gospels and ὤπὠ̑θεσις to Matthew.
On the verso of the 6th is a scribble of cent. xvii stating that the book was lent to Papa Silvestros by the monastery of Pantocrator.
On the first written vellum leaf are the κεφάλαια to Matthew in double columns.
f.3 Text. Matthew
f.92 Κεφ. to Mark
f.93 Text
f.148b Κεφ. to Luke
f.151 Text
f.242b Κεφ. to John
f.243 Text
f.311 Gospels for the Year
On f.317b in red,
τον δακτυλοις γραψαντα τον κεκτημενον
τον αναγινωσκοντα μετ| ευλαβειας
φυλαττε τους τρεις η τριας τρισολβιως.
Collated by Scrivener in April 1854: described in his Codex Augiensis p.xxxii. (iscr). It is no.477 in Gregory and 588 in Scrivener's Introduction: Bentley's δὐ̑.

This work is copyright the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License