The James Catalogue of Western Manuscripts

Shelfmark B.1.10
Manuscript Title

Glossed Gospel of St Matthew etc

Alternative Title

Mattheus Glosatus, etc

James Number 9
Century 11th12th13th
Physical Description

Vol. I. 20 lines of text to a page.Vol. II. 43 lines to a column.


Given by Abp Whitgift: arms on cover.

Second Folio I. nium non II. in principio
Religious House Buildwas, Shropshire, Cistercian Abbey
Donor Whitgift, John (1530/31?–1604), Archbishop of Canterbury, Master of Trinity
Size (cm) 26 x 18
Folio 137 ff.
Material Parchment
Language Latin

i8-x8 || .x.2 A8-F8 G6 (+ a slip) H4 (wants l).

Manuscript Summary A glossed Gospel of St Matthew from the Cistercian Abbey of Buildwas in Shropshire, it was given to Trinity by Archbishop Whitgift.
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I. On f.1 is a note.
Omnis non semper ad totum sed ad partem refertur etc.
f.1b Inc. argumentum in euangelium sec. Matheum
Gloss. Cum multi scripsisse euangelia leguntur.
Text. (M)atheus ex iudea. It is the Glossa Communis.
Gloss on Gospel (f.2b). Matheus cum primo predicasset in iudea.
The text in a fine small hand occupies the middle 3rd of the page. Glosses marginal and interlinear in two hands both very good: one continues to the end, the other soon ceases.

II. f.80 "Anselmus" super Iohannem
Preceded by a blank leaf.
In a round and rather rough hand.
IN PRINCIPIO erat uerbum. Verbum substantiale intellegitur.
-omnipotentissima miseratione saluauit.
f.80b OMNIBVS diuine scripture paginis euangelium excellit
-humanis mentibus et sensibus intimare.
Red and blue initial. At top. Anselmus super Iohannem.
IN PRINCIPIO erat uerbum. Filius uerbum uocatur.
Ends f.136a.
uideantur excedere fidem per hiberbolen.
Note. hyperbole est dictio excedens fidem · Sicut dicitur · Tardior testudine · Et albior niue · Sic et hic dicitur 'mundum non posse capere' hiperbolice · Salua tamen fide r̅r̅.
2. f.136b Sermo S. Augustini (Appendix no. 245: P.L. xxxix.2196)
Et uerbum caro factum est.
Legimus sanctum moysen populo dei precepta dantem.
-aut alia uirgo unigenitum genuit.
The verso is blank.


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